Letter to Hit Entertainment (owner of Thomas the Train)

If you are reading this and have kids that like Thomas the Train, please be aware of vulgar YouTube videos that people have tagged to be found doing a “Thomas the Train” YouTube search. I’ve never tried to get things like this removed, so I did what was obvious, and alerted YouTube and Hit Entertainment. This is such a small thing, so I’m sure a few emails could make a difference. If you are a concerned parent, help by sending an email like below.

Here are the email addresses I used: licensingAmericas@hitentertainment.com, consumer@hitentertainment.com


I wanted to alert you to several inappropriate uses of Thomas the Train image and music on YouTube. By simply doing a search for “Thomas the Train” on youtube, you can find a few of these videos, but to see the full extent of the shocking use, do a search for “Biggie Smalls Thomas the Tank”. Several people have posted videos using images of Thomas along with rap music using filthy language. If someone where to be watching kids videos with their child, with no warning, they would be exposing a child to “Mother Fu***** come on” and lyrics about how many people the rapper had killed with multiple gun references. I hope that by owning this content, you will be able to submit copyright takedown notices to YouTube, and do a little to protect children.¬†

Here is just one of many as an example.

I’ve already alerted YouTube, flagging this video as inappropriate, but I hope you can do more.


Concerned Parent