Superbowl Sunday

If you know me, you also know I don’t follow pro football. Is it wrong that my wife knows more about who’s playing in the big game than I? I don’t know… Anyhow, congrats to Manning and the Giants. After everything I heard about the character of Tom Brady, seems like the better man did win after all. I wasn’t impressed with the commercials as much as I expected to be, but I really enjoyed being with friends at my buddy Dan’s apartment. The guy has a place near the top of one of the high rises downtown, and it faces the San Deigo harbor and Airport. 

Good Times

Got to spent the evening with a friend and his family tonight, along with Shin Lauderdale. We enjoyed a wonderful meal made by DeeAnn, and got to talk about Photography. Sergio brought his camera. It’s crazy how my appreciation has changed since first I first checked out his 60D. Back then, I didn’t even understand how to use my own camera, and now that I have about mastered my camera on an operational level, I can see a huge difference between the two. Sergio is a graphic artist. Check his site out. If you want a taste of my delicious meal, you got to fix you some Parmesan Roasted Broccoli.

Oh yeah, started remodeling my bathroom! Final project for the house. 

Getting in shape?

Puffy Haired Goose

If you don’t know me personally, I am dedicating 2012 as the year I focus on myself to be a better person. I mean this in many levels. for example… I’ve taken control of my eating habits and have become determined to get back to a healthy weight. One month down, and already I’ve dropped from 240lbs to 222lbs! I’m quite surprised at how long I have let myself be fat. I’ve been listening to the Dale Carnegie book “Win Friends and Influence People”, and taking many of the book’s ideas, and relating my dealing with relationships I’ve dealt with poorly. I highly recommend Carnegie’s book, and 7 Levels of Communication for people who are in sales. Anyway, went to Lake Murray today with DeeAnn and Easton.  Love watching Easton laugh and run after the ducks!