I hate feeling unproductive! I’m realizing that no matter the circumstances, my ability to be productive is solely a product of my own actions… With my life as a stay at home dad trying to start a business, I can’t afford to waste any time when I’m given an opportunity. Going forward, I will make a plan and do it regardless of the people around me. Hopefully, any assertiveness I may display will not be taken wrongly. People will have to keep up with me, or move out of the way. I don’t want to have this feeling again!

I really have started to enjoy Daft Punk radio on Pandora since the year began and I started my exercise program. Funny how typically there are no words in the music, but it can still be stuck in your head when you aren’t actually listen to the music. Yeah, tonight I decided to listen to Coldplay’s newest release to get a break from rave music, and Easton decided he would rock out on the piano along to the music. Got some great family pictures. It’s great being a dad!

Hi World!

Not really sure what to say here, but I’m going to use this blog to keep in touch with friends new and old clients, and family. I currently plan on discussing topics relating to being a stay at home father, photography, and anything else that I find interesting. I hope who ever might read this finds it to be interesting.

Oh… I’ve never Blogged before, so Enjoy.