Conquer Doubt

About myself:

Worked for AT&T for 12 years

Recent two time Sub 2 Hour Half Marathon completer

Used to be Overweight… on a Downward Spiral


We all have difficult challenges: Job promotion, getting in shape, horrible job, difficult class, talking in front of the church,  being a caregiver, getting past sickness and death, etc…


Let me tell you how you can get on an “Upward Spiral” and conquer your doubts.

Phil: 4:13 (New Living Translation) “For I can do everything through Christ (the one) who gives me strength


Sometimes that might not be enough to get you out of your “downward spiral”



Phil 4:8 NLT Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.


God will provide– Our stroller was my way to get back in shape and out of my unhealthy downward spiral.


You have to Train your mind just like I train my body to run for hours at a time across miles of road.


For me, I can remember things in three better, and that brings be to the book of Matthew.

Matthew 6:27 (Do Not Worry)

27: New Living Translation

Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?


With these three verses trained in your mind, you can Conquer Self-doubt, and multiply your “talents”


So! Just remember, Don’t Worry, Focus your mind on Excellence, and remember, You can do all things through Christ who gives us strength!


How do you Conquer Self-doubt, and multiply your “talents”?



San Diego AT&T Mobility

If you didn’t already know, I worked over a decade for AT&T through the industry’s transition from regional carriers to four large national carriers before I became a small business owner and a stay at home father. The experiences I went through at AT&T give me great insight into the culture, and practices that I now as a customer use when dealing with the company I used to work.

I recently received a letter written by a desperate employee describing unethical practices that where going on during my time, and not surprisingly continue to go on till this day. The writers objective was to change the practices and environment, but I thought it would be beneficial to my readers to see this letter that will help protect you in the event you shop inside a location of AT&T Mobility.


I used to advise friends and family to go to a Company Owned AT&T store as apposed to an Authorized Agent location to make sure they were treated fairly, but now I advise them to research online and know the facts before entering any AT&T location.

Letter to Hit Entertainment (owner of Thomas the Train)

If you are reading this and have kids that like Thomas the Train, please be aware of vulgar YouTube videos that people have tagged to be found doing a “Thomas the Train” YouTube search. I’ve never tried to get things like this removed, so I did what was obvious, and alerted YouTube and Hit Entertainment. This is such a small thing, so I’m sure a few emails could make a difference. If you are a concerned parent, help by sending an email like below.

Here are the email addresses I used:,


I wanted to alert you to several inappropriate uses of Thomas the Train image and music on YouTube. By simply doing a search for “Thomas the Train” on youtube, you can find a few of these videos, but to see the full extent of the shocking use, do a search for “Biggie Smalls Thomas the Tank”. Several people have posted videos using images of Thomas along with rap music using filthy language. If someone where to be watching kids videos with their child, with no warning, they would be exposing a child to “Mother Fu***** come on” and lyrics about how many people the rapper had killed with multiple gun references. I hope that by owning this content, you will be able to submit copyright takedown notices to YouTube, and do a little to protect children. 

Here is just one of many as an example.

I’ve already alerted YouTube, flagging this video as inappropriate, but I hope you can do more.


Concerned Parent

Open Letter to the US

After visiting Chick-fil-a yesterday for lunch, and reading all the hoopla concerning Gay marriage proponents, along with Obama’s statement that business owners “didn’t make that”, I feel I should add my two cents…

I believe in the biblical definition of marriage, and that homosexuality, among all other forms of sexual immorality is a sin. I also learned from the Bible that John 8:7 (NIV)
“If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone” As it turns out, Homosexuality has never been a temptation for me, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have my own struggles with biblical sin… If I protect my family from being around Homosexual sin that doesn’t mean I’m a (insert adjective… Bigot, racist, intolerant)… Yesterday, when I took my two year old Easton to the park, there were five kids 10-14 years old cursing up a storm. When we left the area to be away from the filthy language, I wasn’t being a (insert adjective… Bigot, racist, intolerant) was I? These two examples make me a responsible parent who is concerned with the time and method I want my child exposed to sins of this world.
The biggest issue I see with the Chick-fil-a story is the Governments retaliation toward a business owners beliefs. If we have elected officials telling business owners you can’t hold your own personal beliefs if you want to open business in our town, WE HAVE A HUGE PROBLEM!
Another topic I have an issue with is Obama’s attempt to minimize a business owners efforts is a slap in the face to anyone who has ever tried to start, is starting currently, or who already owns a business. The suggestion that business owners were lucky, and would not have succeeded without the government is absurd. Although some form of government is needed to fight crime and build infrastructure, the government needs to remember their role. The Government was basically hired by our tax dollars to build those roads and bridges. Would it be appropriate for Ford to tell me “you wouldn’t have made it through life without us!”?? Absolutely not! Now, would I feel a sense of allegiance to Ford for building a safe and reliable car for my wife to drive? Yes!!! This is the same role our government should play. I can tell anyone, from my own experience growing up in a family business to starting my own business today, that it is a huge undertaking. If the government wants to say we should be thankful for them building a road, the government needs to write every tax payer a thank you letter for giving them the money to build that road in the first place. Governments do not create wealth, they only can decide how to spend the tax payers money.
Now that I’ve publicly stated my personal belief on Gay marriage, should I be thankful if an elected official tells me my photography business is unwelcome in San Diego?

I hope this brings a little sanity to the discussion.


New Product

I’ve created a new product for my Photography clients that I’m excited to share! This is my first creation, and I’ve been waiting to write about it because I wanted it to be a total surprise to the couple who are receiving it. 


This is the first Storybook Album created by Ryan Gunnells of

I take the final images from a wedding, event, or on-location session, and create a Storybook Photo Album. I received my first Album in the mail Wednesday, and can’t say enough about how impressed with the quality I am of the final product.


Professionally bound book construction.


The Albums are physically created at a professional book press, but are designed and laid out entirely by myself in a way to re-tell the day or event’s story through pictures.


Vibrant full spread images printed edge to edge


The Albums are printed using photographic paper, and are designed to be a timeless piece of artwork to keep and share with generations of family to come.


Finished with a simple ReverieByG logo gives the product a polished look.


ShoeIf you are a one of my few faithful blog readers, you know I’ve been running to improve my health. I began running with a pair of Nike Qualify 2 running shoes. The Qualify 2 shoes have been great, but at the beginning of the month, I realized that I needed to get a new pair of shoes to prevent joint injuries from running in worn out soles. After exploring many options, I chose to go with Nike’s custom shoe service called NikeiD using the Pegasus 28 base model as the starting point. Here is my take on the whole experience.

ImageThe good: Visiting Nike’s site, you’ll find several models of shoes that you can customize with virtually unlimited combinations of colors, soles, treads, tops, and tongue labels. On top of all the options, the shoes are priced at the same retail price you’ll find at any major athletic shoe store. Once I received the shoes and a close inspection, the shoes were free of any defect, and felt great compared to the old Qualify 2’s that had several hundred miles on them.










The bad: It’s clearly explained that the shoes will take three weeks to come in, but after receiving the shoes, I was left wondering what about the shoes took them so long to be produced. Besides the custom colors, the overall design of the shoe is the exact same shoe that anyone else could buy at a local store. Even the tongue of the shoe was marked with a manufacture date before my order was placed. The issue that really turned my opinion of the whole process was the cheap “custom” tongue label, which I originally thought was the neatest part of the whole shoe. I was expecting a stitched label similar to the “Nike” they normally put on the tongues, and was disappointed after seeing what looks to be a thin rubber sticker used for the lettering.

Overall: I would not recommend most individuals going through this long process for a pair of shoes. If you go shopping, you can usually find shoes with the colors you prefer. I only can see the NikeiD shoes being helpful to a sports team that needs specific colors for their school. If you are thinking a custom label would be worth the wait, I would expect the label to rub off in just a few wears.  As for the shoes comfort, they are nothing short of what you would expect from Nike.


That’s my take on NikeiD, and I hope this helps you if you are ever thinking about getting a pair through this service.


My Southern Slang

Where I proposed to DeeAnn over 5 years ago on a rainy evening.

After a short layover, Easton and I sat down in our Southwest Airlines seat leaving Phoenix for Birmingham, and already, I was smiling with a bit of laughter at the accented conversations across the plane full of “Bama” fans obviously excited to be returning to the proud state of the current NCAA Football National Champs. Sitting down in the third seat in our section, the heavily wrinkled little old lady spoke; “Where y’all head’n to?” as the flight began. From then on for the next 24 hours, I began my return to the language of friendship, family, and warm welcome.


View of Birmingham from the top of Red Mountain

Before I educate you on these terms, let me preface: These are terms from a small section of the southeast, encompassing a 100 mile radius that covers cities of Birmingham, Alabama on the west, and then east across Talladega and Anniston, stretching south to Auburn and North to Remlap. Additionally, These come from the Gunnells, Holly, Casey, and Pepper family and may or may not be used in other areas or families.

1)”Great day in the morning” – A term used to describe excitement, surprise, irony, or just a great way to start a sentence. Ex: “Great day in the morning”… That truck just about hit that deer!

2) “Tump” – To turn something over on its side or top. Ex: (pointing to a five gallon bucket of water) “Tump” that over so the mosquitoes don’t get in it.

3) “Consarnate” – Frustration Ex: Consarnate Mildred!

4) “Flick” – A more pleasant “F” word used to describe Exasperation. Ex: (after realizing the milk was left out of the refrigerator) Flick!

5) “Pine Float” – A glass of water and toothpick. Ex: You want to come on in for a Pine Float?

6) “Bless his/her little heart” – A term to describe a concern or love for someone. Ex: (after hearing a story of someone’s unfortunate situation or condition) “Bless his/her little heart”

7) “Hissy fit” – an act of usually a child, but can occur with an adult when not getting ones way. Ex: (at Trussville Auto and Truck) Derrell; Mrs. Jones is on line one throwing a “Hissy fit” because her truck aint ready!


I’m not sure who was more scared… This guy was huge!

8) “Devilish” – A term describing something disliked or unwelcome. Ex: Those “Devilish” roosters are getting on the back porch!

9) “Well…” – Used to end a discussion when no clear answer has been determined, but more time in thought is needed. Ex: (after nodding and listening attentively for several minutes during a conversation about a family matter, the Patriarch of the family pauses and then with a voice of wisdom) “Well…”


Typical Alabama forest and lush green grass surrounding a family friends Farm.


These are just a few I was able to take note of while on our three-week vacation back to Alabama. I’d love to hear what you think about these terms, or what other terms you and your family use. Comment below!